Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading brings you feelings like you were invited to a joyful event and radiates merriment. Life is beautiful ahead and looks like a holiday. You are waiting for friends and loved ones – go to them, you need them and their company. Go out, a new friendship can begin now. It also means success in art or science, a period of inspiration. A dedicated and long-term friendship. Sometimes it can mean rest, vacation. As a place of escape from the hectic world, symbolizes the earth and heavenly pleasure. This is the place where you feel happy among other people. But as a world of social singles, parties, and not binding relations, may be a world of gossip and rumors too. Don’t become a slave to the desire to just “do it” to get recognition at this time, don’t succumb to the temptation of glamor. It is also a card of illusion, shiny appearance and extrovert wild lifestyles. You, without any doubts, have now the opportunity for creative growth. You can perform well and have strong desire to climb the social ladder, however don’t get overly ambitious – be realistic, there is always a danger to fall. Adjacent cards show where you can find social opportunities and where you must be alert for a trap.

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