Lenormand Reading-Celtic Cross

Free divination Celtic Cross Lenormand Reading helps to answer many questions of your present and future. Spread 10 cards of Maria Lenormand and find out what lies ahead!

Card 1. «Question – describing the nature of the question and the motive behind it»
Card 2. «Influence – atmosphere, personalities or emotions that have a bearing on the question»
Card 3. «Background – history, events and relationships that have lead to the question»
Card 4. «Recent past – something that has happened and has a direct effect»
Card 5. «Present – your current state – hopes, fears and emotions»
Card 6. «Near future – what is to come soon»
Card 7. «Behavior – way in which you approach the subject of the question»
Card 8. «Perspectives – feelings of those close to you about what is being asked»
Card 9. «Pros and cons – a relaxed and objective analysis of the question»
Card 10. «The likely outcome»

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