Tarot – What He/She Thinks of You?

Tarot - What he/she thinks of you?

An online Tarot reading “What he/she thinks of you?” is a divination that uses tarot cards to provide insight into the thoughts and feelings of a particular person towards the querent. The reading typically involves drawing one or more cards that represent the person in question and interpreting them to gain insight into their feelings towards the querent. The tarot reader may also draw additional cards to provide further guidance or advice on how to approach the situation. This online divination can be a useful tool for those seeking clarity and understanding about the thoughts and feelings of someone they are interested in or involved with.

Choose a card: “What does he think of me?”
What thinks?
What feels?
His goals?
Fortune telling again

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  1. Bella77

    It’s hard to believe. Your words are more like a fairy tale! I will believe and hope for a miracle! Thanks to your site for the hope!

  2. Sheila Dela Luna

    What is His true feelings about me

  3. izzyyyy05

    Great fortune telling, you made my day better! I add your site to bookmarks!

    1. Nirmala


  4. mariaboomsma

    It seems to me that this is not true! What do you think?

    1. Shh

      I think they are likely to operate things randomly so mostly inaccurate bs

  5. Kelly

    Not sure about this anyone else’s input?

  6. Chelsea-Reiarna Karetai

    I resonate with all 3… I listened to Pile 2 first. That’s spot on. It was his brother who is against us and he listens to him. Pile 1 was next… definitely I walked away after I had clarity of him and I did come out regaining my power ??? Pile 3. He can hope as much as he wants but I have no desire to communicate with him, I have no desire to have that “one day” with him. He’s ruined our connection and I tend to keep it that way. He doesn’t deserve me. He deserves the relationship he’s in right now. Only common thing we have together, are our children. I love this no contact ?? and it’s going to take me years before I forgive him. He feels that strongly coming from me and I don’t give a s#*t about his feelings. I used to, but not now or ever! My bitterness is here for a great deal of time with me. He never once cared about me, now he can feel it…. Im just reciprocating the same energy and this is his comeuppance for what he’s done to me.

  7. Bren

    Wow ? you nailed it. This is so identical to my situation !!! Wish me luck

  8. Maria Gebrial

    Thank you. I chose pile 2. It was good reading.

  9. Earth to Katie

    Always love your readings, thank you so much for sharing your gifts

  10. Mm88

    Pile 3 I’m a Gemini he’s capricorn this connection destroys me and I feel like maybe I should block him at this point. I’m very drained I was told by 3 psychics he’s a soulmate and one said karmic soulmate and twinflame. And another said soul contract. But to sum up it’s clear to me he’s some sort of soulmate, and there is nothing I can do about it. I put up boundaries, I can’t do things no strings attached he is non commital and is very focused on his career.Idk but I’m tired and my heart is broken cause the twinflame card appeared in the readinf I don’t know if this is related but ever time I think of him I see synchronicities especially 1111 and you are right I am naturally clairvoyant. It’s funny cause that’s the other number I see alor 1717

  11. WealthCatalyst

    Thank you an amazing accurate reading! You spoke of how i feel about the situation. Funnily enough there is a song on the radio at the moment with Lyrics of ‘don’t give up ‘ and have ‘high hopes’ my goodness I think that is a sign. Also when I went to press the ‘like symbol’ the number was 222. And now on my microwave clock the time is 1222. OMG! synchronisation everywhere!!. There are many surprises in life. Thankyou for sharing your gift. Xx

  12. nikitaredfern3549

    Pile 1
    Spoke 100 percent on my relationship right now with the father of my kids I’m 20 weeks pregnant with my second child to him we separated when my 1st to him was 11 months old and he was constantly playing games with me lIke you have explained and he was not there for his son like he should of .. and he was a bloke who would be ok for a while treat me with respect but as soon as something happened to him in his life he would treat me and my son like crap and would go back to his shit ways and I’d stop seeing him cause he’d constantly hurt him the money situation is that he doesn’t pay child support to his son his got and has left me a single mother to him and now the sweet girl im carrying in my belly is going to be without her dad too and I am afraid of been able to look after another child financially the situation of how this baby was concieved was through manipulation to see our son after I left rehab. . I thought about letting him see him and i said no when he expected me to just let him take him after breaking my heart and trust multiple times he really has left a big fat scar on my heart .. so anyway I decided to let him in and give him 1 last chance to not see him and not hurt my baby by breaking promises we clicked we went well he told me he still had feelings for me and I fell hard for him all over again stupid me …the second time we met again we got drunk
    The funny thing is before this happened we talked about another child but thought nothing of it…i concieved her that night . things were still going well for a month but when my period didn’t cone I knew I’d fallen pregnant 🤰 I saw a positive test and decided to tell him I was pregnant on Xmas day he didn’t take well and left he went heaps quiet after that and couldn’t believe how fast I’d fallen pregnant he used the baby isn’t mine excuse and turned around weeks later and told me to have an abortion he had the money for it and turned out he had another girl abort he stopped talking to me after telling me he didn’t want the baby so he did abandon me and he broke my heart all over again I am scared for our future and hearing that there may be an opportunity that he’ll offer me something in the next months I hope man’s up but as far as I am concerned I am avoiding this

  13. sofia3188

    Pile 3. However, I broke his heart a few years ago to heal past trauma. I’m now healed and he is where I was due to feeling heart broken, by not just me, but women in general, since our relationship. I know I love him and I have told him so. He is cold. Understandably so. Time heals all. So if we do meet to talk it will be about why it had to end in the past and we love each other deeply. 🥰

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Tarot – What He/She Thinks of You?
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