Relationship Playing Cards Reading

Reading playing cards in your situation may indicate the beginning of a new relationship and a new life path or spiritual path that begins with abandoning one goal and moving on to another. There is discontent, a desire to give up what is at hand. Don’t give up on the prizes available, although they may not be everything you want, there are many more good gifts.
Open your heart to others, for gifts of the spirit are both given and received as you come in contact with your innermost desires.
Bad dreams, depression or evil influences are indicated by Playing Cards. Beware of the negative feelings in everyone’s heart and the malice of others. Rid yourself of unhealthy anxieties and learn from your adversities so that you may free yourself from their chains.
You may be thinking about an affair but try to be reasonable and considerate of your partner’s feelings. If you’re feeling significant other very distant communication will help. The first step to resolving a problem is talking about it.

Select card: “Your expectations”
Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

Card 4

Card 5

Card 6

Card 1. Your expectations

Card 2. Explanation of the problem

Card 3. Fundamental and/or hidden aspects of the relationship

Card 4. Recent events affecting your relationship

Card 5. Ways in which you can improve your situation

Card 6. Advice and likely outcome

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  1. Goddess Capricorn says:

    I found this reading out of the blue and out of curiosity to see how you would interpret the cards because am learning I chose the king of Diamonds and of course it had to be the king who got all the cards in the deck out of the gate because that is exactly who he is! This was hilariously funny 😆 Unexpected and fun. Thank you 🌹

  2. Gazalla Berisa Zabek says:

    My story with my ex. Love and abused Finally moving on emotionally. Open up for a new balanced relationship

  3. Rayan says:

    Absolutely fantastic cartomantic technique! Thank you. I love these older spreads which use more “game like” formulae, rather than the (more modern?) system of “layouts” with specific lenses through which cards are interpreted. It feels more like the original cartomantic tradition, being linked to gambling and games of chance. This is brilliant! Thank you. Love from Cape Town, South Africa

  4. Genie says:

    You pulled all his initials out every time, for my sun, moon AND rising signs! Mind is blown. Thank you much!!

  5. Sad Croissant says:

    May everyone have a peaceful and lovely day!

  6. Madlen4 says:

    Wow….you really amazed me! Every king resonated…yeah those 4 guys I have had …and the king of diamond is truly the one who loves me…the king of spade my past , king of heart I was somehow in loved before and I knew I was special to him but it was complicated. ..king of clubs my ex husband that I was the only one who was in loved, one sided…funny even in your spread there was nothing to say cause it had no ace at all to start…whoa….but I moved on with that and thankful right now for the king of diamond in my life who makes me happy. With your reading I can truly confirm he loves me. Oh what a special skill and gift you have! !!! Again, thank you! I seldom give a long comet but I tested how really good you are…and you exceeded my expectations. AMAZING!!!!

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