Fortune Telling on matches Yes-No

Fortune Telling on matches Yes-No

Fortune telling on matches is an online divination method that uses a simple deck of matches to provide insights and predictions about one’s future. The practice is believed to have originated in the medieval times and has been used by various cultures and traditions around the world.

In this method, the deck of matches is shuffled and spread out, and the person seeking guidance chooses a certain number of matches, which are then interpreted based on their position and orientation. The interpretation of each match varies based on the specific fortune telling system being used, but common symbols include crosses, circles, and straight lines.

Online fortune telling on matches is a convenient way to access this ancient practice from the comfort of one’s own home. Simply select the number of matches you would like to use and follow the instructions provided to interpret your fortune.

Step 1: Click on the box to shake it and mix the matches

Fortune Telling on matches Yes-No
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  1. Torres M

    Please make more of these! Thank you! My grandma raised me, may she rest in peace, in the old ways but the rest of the family/clan was super religious and so my grandma taught me how to do readings with regular playing cards. She had to teach me the old ways while “hiding in plain sight” so to speak. Blessings

  2. Wealth Catalyst

    Omg… I love this twist on playing card divination … the best part is the 9 is my life purpose number .
    I tried the reading like shown in the video and I received my 9 of heart ❤️ on the the first try. Who hoo.
    Thank you again . Blessed be to you also.


    hi just gived it ago I tested questions to what I no my answers be already like do I take my child to school answer was yes so was right but then I tried another question but it give me wrong answer to get it right spot on is it best to do the same question a few times b4 its defo the right answer

  4. Spiritual Compass

    Tried it tonight and it gave me the same answer three times!! Spooky! Thank you! Blessings.

  5. Ii77

    thank you and accept

  6. Wendy Botticelli

    I have seen this done before but deck was upside down where I don’t see it till it pop ups. Thank you for showing this. It was very helpful.

  7. Mm88

    Thanks GOOD DAY ?

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Fortune Telling on matches Yes-No
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