Future Reading on the cards Lenormand

Future Reading on the cards Lenormand opens a door, so it means: you will find (or have already found) a way out of the maze, solved your problem, and you begin a new stage of life, full of new challenges. The need to find the right solution in the current situation, based on previous experience. Resolving this issue will help all your causes. Overcoming the “key” issue. Another meaning of the Key is to lock as well as unlock doors. This symbol is often used in fairy tales as a symbol of the veil of mystery. This card advises to always remain true to yourself. The solution will be found. Be strong, if you hold the key, proceed without delay – this is the only sure way to achieve your goals. In the psychoanalytic tradition, the key is associated with male eroticism – specific desire to open the doors, which in reality were not locked. Surrounded by negative cards means that you haven’t found a solution yet and all is delayed or that he went down the wrong path.

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