Past Present Future Tarot Spread

Past Present Future Tarot Spread

The Past Present Future Tarot Spread is a method of divination that provides insight into the querent’s journey and helps them understand their past, present, and future. This spread uses three tarot cards to represent each of these time frames, offering guidance and insight into the querent’s journey. The first card represents the past and provides context for the current situation. The second card symbolizes the present, highlighting the querent’s current state and the challenges and opportunities they are facing. The third card represents the future and offers insight into the potential outcomes or directions the querent’s journey may take. The tarot reader then combines the interpretations of each card to offer a comprehensive overview of the querent’s journey, helping them to make informed decisions and understand the impact of their past experiences on their present and future. This spread is ideal for those seeking guidance on their journey and seeking insight into their future prospects.

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Past Present Future Tarot Spread
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