What does he think of me tarot?

You’re in control of your own happiness

The Lord and his angels are listening to your pleas and constantly helping you. Do not hesitate to act towards your happiness. Focus on what is good in your life and don’t wait for external forces to bring you the desired outcome.

Start fortune telling: What does he think of me tarot

Choose a card: “What does he think of me?”
What thinks?
What feels?
His goals?

Fortune telling again

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  1. aNNA6611 says:

    You all told about me and about my situation, Thank you for the alignment

  2. Mady says:

    Pile 5 really resonates. I’m so confused about this connection, we vibe in a way I’ve never experienced. Finding solace in letting this unfold and see what there is for us. Trying to be okay with not knowing.
    Some little details that made me realize this was the reading for me: the silence (we barely talk when we’re together) and work (we’re coworkers).

  3. Rachel Bennett says:

    As someone who isn’t part of the lgbtq community, I always take your readings as gender neutral. I appreciate that you talk about “energy” as opposed to gender. Because ultimately, we are all divine masculine and feminine. Also, I chose pile 2 and you’re so spot on again ? I’m quite intuitive and I read tarot, and your readings always just confirm what I already know but it’s nice for me to have that. So thankyou 🙂 I appreciate you, and I hope you have a great year!

  4. noraenora says:

    Pile 4 was so accurate it actually hurt. Actually cried. It really felt like this was made for me, made to find me, and that never happened to me before. You’re amazing.
    Thank you for this reading. I really needed it, despite the fact that it left a bittersweet taste in my mouth. I understood that they’re the kind of person that will overcome their fears on their own and will not contact me again. I 100% felt that we were divinely orchestrated, but in a “right person wrong time” way. It seems like I need to let go and it hurts.
    Thank you.

  5. Lisa N says:

    Thank you for the Dispositions. Higher Forces manifest through you. You are a Big Clever One.

  6. Lola says:

    Thank you and accept

  7. Diana88 says:

    Ha, I thought it was not true – fortune-telling showed my whole life. Thank you and accept

  8. naea says:

    I watched ONE of these at 3 am this morning and I’ve fallen into this spiral of cardreadings

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